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Price example and rental comparison

Oil painting on canvas, 100x100

  • Purchase price CHF 4'900.00

  • Rental price per month CHF 120.00

Included Services

  • You will be personally advised by the artist on site

  • A suitable proposal for you and your premises will be prepare

  • The paintings are delivered and assembled professionally

  • As a renter you benefit from our uncomplicated replacement service

The concept of renting art - buying and exchanging art, is art without purchase obligation. It’s art that flourishes the movement of life. It’s art for every place, for every day, for public and private spaces. 


Buy art

Optimal Charisma

Thanks to the ideal charisma of the art by Brigitte Buck Litscher, rooms shine like never before. Visit our painting gallery or find examples of customers from various industries under „Art with Customers“

Innovative Ideas

In addition to various motifs and formats, the artist designed a mosaic system that allows paintings to be split up, rearranged or split into several rooms in order to achieve new effects over and over again

Rent art

Individual advice 

Wether in the private sector or in business premises – the artist likes to stop by personally and advise competently. Together, we will work out an ideal solution for your premises.  


Art does not necessarily have to be an investment. With the art rental you have an overwiev of the costs and can always reorientate. Stay flexible in the long run.  

Exchange art

Movement in space

Stay open minded to change! Thanks to the art rental, you don’t have to make a permanent decision and can, as you like, exchange your art. 

No matter if size, subject or color – exchange the art in your premises.

Your staff will thank you!

Change is also stimulating for employee motivation. Show your appreciation and optimize the atmosphere in your premises. 

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