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Buy, rent and exchange art

Bring inspiration into your private and professional life

Fast changing time demands new ways of dealing with art.

  • Exchange Art
    Exchange Art
    Rented paintings can be exchanged at any time.
  • Rent Art
    Rent Art
    We offer the possibility to all interested parties, to rent one or more paintings over an indiviual period.
  • Buy Art
    Buy Art
    Of course you can buy every painting, even after you've rented them.

individual consulation

An individual and competent consulation takes place with the artist Brigitte Buck Litscher and her team on site or in the showroom.

straightforward and flexible

Stay flexible in the long run and respond to change. This is possible at any time with the straightforward art rental.

employee motivation

Employees feel more appreciated when the workplace is upgraded with art and thank you intuitively with better performance.

Why rent art?

As the owner of the Ateliena 79 company, Brigitte Buck Litscher was the first artist to offer the concept of an art rental in Switzerland. She is enabling everyone to enhance their own space with art since the year 2000. The concept is simple; her high-quality oil paintings can be bought or rented for an individual period and exchanged at any time.  

The Concept
Art for everyone

High quality art is often not affordable. It is a personal concern of the artist herself to give pleasure with her paintings. That’s another reason why she offers the possibility of renting art. If you decide during the rental period to buy the painting, you will only be charged 70% of the rental price. 

Employee motivation

Art is not only beautiful to look at and good for the soul, but also a proven investment in employee motivation. Studies show that with great interior design – and art is part of it – employees provide a higher performance bonus of more than one-third. 


Our customers asked their employees and they all say: 

  • Art in the office shows appreciation to them

  • Art communicates the values of a company demonstrably

Visit the Showroom in Zurich Seefeld.


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Brigitte Buck Litscher

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"With the possiblity to rent art, we can finally afford art."

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