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the articles are in german language. Contact us for more information.

      Wohnrevue 01/2020

       Kreis 8, 01/2020

      Zuger Presse, Zugerbieter 02/2018

       Hotel Gourmet 09/2015

       Häuser Modernisieren 5/2015

       Schöner Wohnen 07/2013​

      Ladies Drive 04/2013

       Magazin Immobilien Business 08/2008

      die Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse 02/2007

      Seesicht Magazin 2/2004

      Kunst zum mieten Equestrio 3/2004

       Handelszeitung 03/2003

      neue Zuger Zeitung 01/2003



How does art develop?

A detailed portrait of the artist. An insight into her life, her motivation and her style

Fernsehreportage Tele Z


Short introduction of the artist and the company 


Loud music, flowers, movement – the artist gives an insight into her studio and her work

Plexiglas assembly

Plexiglass work is professionally mounted and shows full effect with the customer

Tele M1 report

Short introduction of the artist and the company 

Light sculptures

Painted light sculptures with adjustable LED lights. A Project which unites art and light.

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